The fascinating skageflå mountain farm

Among the steep mountain ledges in the Geirangerfjord you will find a farm that clings to life up in the rugged terrain. According to local legends, the farm Skageflå was so inaccessible that when the sheriff came to collect taxes for the farm, the residents removed the logs that served as steps, making the farm impossible to reach. Regardless of whether the tax was collected or not, this is a farm with soul and grace. It has periodically been inhabited, and those who chose the farm as their home became accustomed to living with the dangers life offered up on the mountain ledge.

With life as an effort

Work was intended for all members of the family, and until the youngest could participate, they were supposedly secured with ropes to the house so that they would not go off the edge. If you choose to visit Skageflå by climbing the path that winds between the mountains, it won’t be difficult to understand what the residents of the farm had to resort to with creative solutions so everyone could live there. The farm has been vacated for about 100 years now, and the last residents left in 1918. Since then, the royals have visited the site, and Queen Sonja helped decide that this should be the venue for her silver anniversary in 1993 of the wedding to King Harald. Admittedly, not with her life in peril.

RIB boat to Skagehola

If you want to walk up to Skageflå, Bonseye can take you to Skagehola. From here you go up to Skageflå, and choose whether you want to continue over the mountain or to go down again to be transported back by boat. A Geiranger boat trip is probably the finest way to experience this beautiful part of Norway. You can combine Skageflå with a guided tour of the fjord with everything it has to offer, or you can choose to visit only the Trolian mountain farm.

RIB Geiranger: Sightseeing utenom det vanlige
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