Boat to Skageflå in just 15 minutes

Geiranger and the Geirangerfjord are among Norway’s most popular destinations. Every summer the small village becomes more crowded by the tourists drawn to the deep blue fjords, waterfalls, and the nature that clings to the mountainsides. In the past, people have also clung to those mountainsides, as the abandoned mountain farms, such as those at Skagefla, Knivsfla, and Blomberg, stand as witnesses.

Life lived in the mountains

Visitors to these farms get to experience how strenuous and arduous the journey up could be, even though the paths that exist today are more modern, safe, and secured. It’s a wonder that farms were erected and maintained, and it is wonderful to think about how our ancestors lived their lives there. A visit to Skagefla by boat makes it easy to understand why the smallest children were secured with ropes when the parents were busy with the farm’s tasks.

Visit Skagefla with Bonseye

A trip to Skagefla starts by boat either from Geiranger town centre or Grande, depending on your preference. Upon arriving at Skagehola, hop off and begin your journey up the mountainside to Skagefla. This is steep and partly open terrain, but the trail is secure with steps and railings, making it accessible to most people. However, the terrain is steep in some areas and smaller children should always be closely supervised by an adult. The hike up takes about 30 to 45 minutes, but feel free to set aside more time if you want more frequent breaks or to take pictures on your way up. You will find a source of drinking water at the top, but there are also several water sources on the path up where you can fill your water bottle.

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Båt til Skageflå


Is the path up to Skagefla accessible to everyone?

If you want to walk up the path to Skagefla from Skagehola, you must first arrive by boat. It is no secret that the hike up at times has open terrain, which helps enhance the nature experience. It also is steep at times. In the most challenging sections, steps have been carved out of the mountain, and there are handrails in some sections, making the path safe and secure. Wear good shoes and set aside enough time to get up and possibly down the same route if you want to return by boat.

How should you prepare before going to Skagefla?

By boat, the round trip to Skagefla takes an estimated 2 to 3 hours, which includes visits to the farm. It’s a good idea to wear good shoes that are securely fastened, and to dress according to the weather. Bonseye will provide a life jacket for the boat portion of the trip. A packed lunch tastes extra good when you finally arrive at the beautiful mountain farm. It’s wise to carry toilet paper as there is an outdoor toilet that you can use at the farm. Prepare for a majestic view and a whiff of history as you arrive at the mountain farm – and perhaps some sore muscles the next day.

Can the trip to Skagefla be combined with visits to Homlongsaetra?

You can choose to make the visit to Skagefla a day trip by continuing on to Homlongsaetra. The terrain up to Homlongsaetra lies 544 metres above sea level and was used as summer pasture for the farmers of Skagefla. You can continue from Homlongsaetra to Homlong, which takes an hour. From there you walk about 30 minutes along the fjord on a gravel road which takes you to the Geiranger city centre. Expect to spend 5 to 6 hours, so bring plenty of food and drink and dress according to the weather. The trip is somewhat demanding, but can be done by those in good health with some experience from walks in the forest and mountains.

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