About Bonseye

Bonseye has environmentally friendly boats, extensive maritime experience, and a vibrant interest in local history. This background makes us unique as a supplier of boat trips on the Geirangerfjord and Sunnylvsfjord. Our local guides want to be good ambassadors for the area. In our tours, we try to connect the past and present through exciting stories that span time from 9,300 years ago to today.

Life on the abandoned mountain farms along the Geirangerfjord could be hard and perilous. Here joy and sorrow went hand in hand. On the guided tours with Bonseye, we try to convey various glimpses of these lives, from wedding parties with buggy food tables, to illnesses and accidents, from mowing work to winter challenges. Many of the farms have been restored and can be seen from the fjord, while others have been taken by avalanches, rockslides, and landslides and lost to posterity. But village books, enthusiasts who met the last people who lived on the farms, and public archives tell their stories, and are our sources for real stories of, and by, real people.

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