Boat to Skageflå – The best way to arrive at the Mountain Farm

The Geirangerfjord is a beautiful sight with its steadfast mountains farms that seem to be carved out of the mountainsides and nature. Today, the mountain farms are abandoned, but traces of the people who lived there and the lives they lived have made them popular and beautiful destinations. One of the most visited is Skagefla, one of ten abandoned farms. The path to the farm that creeps up the steep mountainside is an experience in itself and makes for a very memorable journey. The history and stories learned about this mountain farm is just one facet of the trip. The surrounding nature and the majestic views of the Seven Sisters waterfalls and the Geirangerfjord itself, are well worth the trip up the mountain. The mountain and the trail offer an exciting, but sometimes challenging hike up to Skagefla, so smaller children should be closely accompanied by an adult.

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Båt Skageflå


Is the trip to Skagefla suitable for a family with children?

It is no secret that the trip up to Skagefla can be a challenge for toddler legs, especially where the terrain is particularly steep. This does not mean, however, that this trip is not for families with children, but smaller children may find the road more challenging and should perhaps be carried. The tour starts by boat and if you jump ashore with some eager little ones, the trip is short, affordable, and doable by most people. The farm is located 250 metres above the fjord, and the most exposed parts of the trail are secured with steps and railings. We ask all families to make their own assessment of their capabilities. Feel free to ask us if you are unsure or have any questions regarding the boats, Skagefla, or anything else.

How long is the trip to Skagefla?

Whether you board at the Grande or in the Geiranger city centre, you will arrive by boat to Skagefla in just under 15 minutes. The actual walk up to the mountain farm is estimated to take 30-45 minutes, depending on the walker and how many stops are made on the way. At the farm, if you have brought food, you have time to enjoy your meal and the scenery. You start your trip to Skagefla by boat, but once there, you can choose whether to hike back down and take the boat back, or use your legs by choosing to extend your trip and experience the hike along the cliff edge up to Homlong, about 2.4 km in length. While the trail that creeps up the mountainside to the Skagefla mountain farm can cause your pulse to race, the trail to Homlong is light and gentle with several cultural artifacts to see along the way. From Homlong it is about a 30 minute walk to Geiranger. You can take that trek at your own pace, enjoying the beautiful views of the fjord.

Is the path up to Skagefla modified?

When you arrive by boat to Skagehola and hop off, you will find the path to Skagefla. The path is true to its origins and demonstrates that those who used to live here had a challenging arrival. Today, the most vulnerable areas are secured with steps cut into the mountainside. In the most difficult and exposed areas, railings have been added. For someone who is used to walking in the mountains, and is in good shape, the way up will be very manageable. Adding the steps and railing means that more people will be able to manage the trail and enjoy the trip. Expect to spend between half an hour to an hour to walk at a leisurely pace, preferably with breaks along the way to catch your breath.

What should I take with me on a trip to Skagefla?

We take you to Skagehola by boat and provide the necessary safety equipment for that. The trip from the Geiranger town centre or the Grande to Skagehola takes less than 15 minutes. After hiking up the trail to Skagefla, you may find food and water to be welcoming. Feel free to bring food, drinks, and seating mats. Good footwear and clothes adapted to the weather and season are a must. There is an outdoor toilet at Skagefla, but you will need to bring your own toilet paper. Have a nice trip!

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