Trip to Skageflå – let’s bring you back to a bygone era

The Geirangerfjord is located in Sunnmore and is 15 kilometres long. At the bottom of the fjord you will find Geiranger, which is famous for its lush, steep mountains and its blue-green fjord water. These majestic mountains that surround the Geirangerfjord were formed during the last ice age and rise up 2000 metres above the fjord. The fjords at their deepest are up to 700 metres deep.

The Geirangerfjord is one of Norway’s most frequently visited places, with good reason. Along the Geirangerfjord you will find the Seven Sisters, Friaren, and Brudesloret waterfalls, and several abandoned mountain farms clinging to the mountainsides. One such farm is Skagefla. It’s mentioned in writing as early as 1613, but the farm had probably seen people long before. Skagefla was one of the richest farms, and at one point housed over 120 animals.

A trip to Skagefla provides both fantastic views and an insight into the lifestyle of those that lived on the farm a hundred years ago.

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Why is Skagefla a popular destination?

The historic Geiranger farm was abandoned in 1918, but today we are lucky enough to be able to visit the area to get some insight into the history locked into this place. Just before the birch trees give way to the harsh nature of the mountain, Skagefla has found its place, clinging to its unlikely location. It’s a wonder to imagine how these houses were erected in their day and what it took to do this. The view down towards the beautiful fjord, the neighboring farm of Knivsla, and the Seven Sisters waterfalls on the other side of fjord provides a majestic framing for the farm. It’s not without reason that the royal couple celebrated their silver wedding anniversary at Skagefla in 1993. Queen Sonja chose to walk up the steep path to the farm where she met royalty from all over Europe who attended the celebration. A trip to Skagefla is a memory you will want to carry with you for your whole life.

How is the trip up to Skagefla?

The tour starts by boat from either the Grande or the Geiranger city centre. Arriving at Skagehola, you’ll hop off and start the climb up the path to the farm located 250 metres up the mountain. The terrain is particularly steep in places, so steps have been cut into the mountain and the most exposed areas are secured with railings. It’s advised that smaller children be accompanied closely by an adult for safety. A trip to Skagefla takes somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes and can be done by most people who are in normal physical shape. Remember, good shoes and suitable clothing are important. Drinks, or at least a bottle to fill up with mountain water, is necessary to keep hydrated. A camera can immortalize the view to make the memories of your trip last even longer.

I’ve heard that the path up to skagefla is difficult, right?

The vast majority will be able to make the trip to Skagefla. The most exposed and steepest sections of the trail are secured with railings and steps. There is a clear advantage to wearing good shoes and setting aside plenty of time to walk the steep path so you can take breaks and enjoy the view along the way. Hikers of all ages have taken this tour – either with a little help or plenty of time. For families with young children, you might want to consider carrying the small ones, or set aside plenty of time for the ascent. We guarantee you’ll find the trip up worth it. When you reach Skagefla, you will experience a view you have rarely seen before.

How do I book a trip to Skagefla?

Bonseye offers three departures daily from the Geiranger city centre at 11:35 am, 1:05 pm, and 2:35 pm. If you would like to board at the Grande, please contact us by phone at 47 96 30 91 and we will arrange it. The trip takes about 15 minutes, and we provide life jackets and a good mood. We have very competitive prices – you only pay $10, plus fees.

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