Geiranger, Skageflå and boat trip on the same day

Geiranger has several destinations accessible by boat, on foot, or both. Unsurprisingly, the Greirangerfjord is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, offering nature that is well preserved and protected. The fjord offers many beautiful natural sights, including the Friaren waterfalls, the Seven Sisters, and the Bridal Veil.

Don’t miss the mountain farms

Along the steep mountainsides you will find several abandoned farms that testify to the hard lives lived by previous generations, dating several hundred years back in time. One of these farms is Skagefla located 250 metres above sea level, and well worth a visit. While it is abandoned now, people lived here for hundreds of years defying the forces of nature and living life the best they could.

Bonseye brings you to Skagefla

From Geiranger you travel in one of our boats to Skagehola, where you jump ashore to begin the ascent to Skagefla via a path that winds up the mountainside to the abandoned farm. As you head up, you will find places where the terrain is especially steep, but the trail is safe and secure with steps carved out and railings erected in these areas. The shelf on which the farm is located has spectacular views, giving you a unique experience in unforgettable surroundings. You’ll also get historical insight into the people who once lived here, combining history and nature on the same trip!

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Geiranger, Skageflå


How do I get to the Skagefla mountain farm?

You’ll start by being transported by boat from the Geiranger town centre or the Grande to Skagehola. Bonseye offers three daily departures during the summer months from the Gerianger city centre – 11:35 am, 13:05 pm, and 14:35 pm. For boarding at the Grande, please contact us by phone 47 96 30 91 to arrange pickup. The trip to Skagehola takes about 15 minutes and is a great way to get across the Geirangerfjord. From Skagehola you will hike up the mountain trail to Skagefla. Skagefla is a good starting point for continuing to hike into the mountains by trail to Homlong, and eventually back down to the Geiranger town centre. Please note that the path from Skagehola to Skagefla is steep, so smaller children should always be accompanied by an adult. Though steep, the trail is aided by steps and railing at its most vulnerable sections, so it is safe and secure.

What is the history of Skagefla?

Life in Geiranger, Skagefla, and the other mountain farms must have been hard, but also good. Skagefla at its peak had over 120 animals and there were summer pastures at Homlongsaetra. There are stories told about a farmer who made the trail more accessible using logs. He moved them away when the taxman was coming to claim the tax, forcing the taxman to turn around without his money. It is also said that the youngest children who could not yet work were secured with ropes so the parents could work without worry. The farm was relatively well shielded from avalanches, but a large landslide in 1873 destroyed much of the field and probably led to the division of the farm in 1874. Over the years, the mountain farms were abandoned for various reasons. Skagefla was abandoned in 1918. Today, the farm is available for day visits. It offers a majestic view of the scenery and provides a little insight into what life on the farm was like.

Can you stay at Skagefla?

It is not possible to pitch a tent or spend the night in any way at Skagefla. However, there are a number of accommodation options in Geiranger in the form of hotels, cabin rentals, and camping areas. It is also possible to pitch tents in several places in the beautiful landscape around Geiranger. If you opt to continue hiking after reaching Skagefla, you will find several marked areas to camp along the way. So if you want to experience beautiful nature and visit Geiranger and Skagefla, there are accommodation solutions that will suit your needs.

What other attractions are near Skagefla?

As you stand on the mountain ledge where Skagefla is located, you have a direct view to the Seven Sisters waterfalls and the Knivsfla mountain farm on the other side of the fjord. Bonseye arranges RIB boat fjord tours where you get to experience the Geirangerfjord first hand and see the famous waterfalls, including Friaren and Brudesloret. Geiranger has experiences suitable for everyone – you can take waterfall walks, fjord safaris, or go hiking in the mountains. There is always an unforgettable view. With a local guide from Bonseye, you also get the local stories and gain unique local knowledge at the same time you enjoy the breathtaking natural sights.

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