Rib boat tour – discover the fjord in a unique way

When you hear the word RIB, you may associate this with high speed and dangerous maneuvers. This is a reputation the RIB boat has gained after others have used the vessel in ways that do not match what the boat is designed to be used for. Rib, or rigid-inflatable-boat, is simply a rubber boat that has a hard hull, or bottom if you like. This actually helps to ensure that the boat is stable in the water.

The benefits of nature experiences from RIB boats

It is easy to move aboard a RIB boat, and you get close to nature. You are always safe, and with an open boat, the experience out on the fjord will feel close and real.  The RIB boat is considered one of the safest boats on the market, and is often used as the first choice when it comes to rescue vessels. The large pontoon means that the boat is stable in the sea, creating the flexibility that makes it possible to get close to those attractions. If you want a unique nature experience, a trip with Bonseye is a natural choice.  We can accommodate a maximum of 12 passengers per trip, which lasts for one hour.

Geirangerfjord at its most beautiful

If you are going to experience the beautiful waterfalls Friaren, The Seven Sisters, and the Bridal Veil, there is hardly a better starting point than sitting in a RIB boat. You don’t have to think about anything other than how to snap the very best picture – we take care of safety and which angle is best suited for viewing and photographing. At the same time, our guides take you hundreds of years back in time by telling you snippets of local history that reveal the lives lived by the Geirangerfjord.

We will drive you close to the experience by RIB boat; Geiranger and the Geirangerfjord have rarely been more beautiful.  Book your turn today!

RIB Geiranger: Sightseeing utenom det vanlige
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