Geirangerfjord’s own favourite wedding veil

Did you know that there are no less than 8 places in Norway where you can experience waterfalls called ‘Bridal Veil’? Among the most famous is probably the one you will find in the Geirangerfjord, perhaps also thanks to the other waterfalls known as ‘The Seven Sisters’ and ‘Friaren’. Just west of ‘The Seven Sisters’ you will find the Geirangerfjord’s bridal veil, created by meltwater from the glaciers. The beautiful spray from the waterfall creates the favorite comparison to a bridal veil, and the waterfall offers a wonderfully nice rainbow when the sun breaks among the jets of water.

Experience the waterfalls together

The three waterfalls bear names that can be easily associated with each other. ‘The Seven Sisters’ is said to have driven the ‘Friar’ to assume his form – a bottle, after repeated unsuccessful courtship attempts. One can then wonder how the ‘Bridal Veil’ fits into it all. Perhaps it is interpreted to mean that there is hope, or one might think that the waterfall stands as a lasting reminder of what could have been for the ‘Friar’. We at Bonseye do not have the answer to this, but we are happy to help bring you close to the waterfalls so that you can find the answer yourself.

Experience the fjords and waterfalls close by

There is hardly a better way to experience the Geirangerfjord than on board a RIB. Geiranger is known for its beautiful fjord, waterfalls, and pristine nature. Bonseye offers rib boat tours on the fjord, where you can sit back and enjoy the attractions from the front row. In the RIB boat you get close to nature, and with the RIB’s good maneuverability, our skilled boaters ensure you a unique experience. You also get bits of local history from our guides that complete the experience. We look forward to welcoming you on board!

RIB Geiranger: Sightseeing utenom det vanlige
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