Geirangerfjord – as beautiful in spring as summer and autumn

We are often asked when in the year it is best to experience the Geirangerfjord.  Our answer is that it is whenever it suits you best. June to August are the months that offer the best weather, the downside is that much of the rest of the world also travels in those months. Joint holidays are always a popular time to travel, and there will often be more things happening and many local events. If, however, you like the periods best when there are fewer people, it can be just as beautiful to make the trip in spring/early summer, when winter is still clinging to the terrain as spring is breaking out. In early autumn, you can view the foliage in vibrant color as the leaves change and the mountainsides prepare for a new winter.

Dress well, and preferably layered

Have you always wanted to experience Geiranger?  Boating on the fjord is a must and is a unique experience you will surely never forget – especially if you choose a RIB with Bonseye.  When you are going out in an open boat, such as our RIB boat, you may want to dress in layers. Then it is easy to peel off clothing if the experience is warmer than you expected. Wool at the bottom layer next to your body is a good idea, and with a wind breaker as an outer layer, you stay warm on your way to and from our trip. On board the RIB boat itself, we recommend full layers since the weather can be a little whimsical.

Safe and close to nature

A RIB tour with us in Bonseye is safe, and of course the lifejacket is always included. The fjord is not exposed to the same weather conditions as the open sea, and our skilled guides and guides will take you on an unforgettable and comfortable trip. You get up close and personal to nature, while your safety is well taken care of.

RIB Geiranger: Sightseeing utenom det vanlige
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